3 Interesting Facts About Jimmy John’s

leslie liautaud

JJ’s is currently operating in 47 states and has over 200 branches. So, there is always a Jimmy John’s within your arm’s reach.

JJ’s is known for their fast delivery, awesome taste, signature style. But here are some more facts that you should know about Jimmy John’s to expand your understanding of the sandwich chain. Jimmy John Owner also has an interesting story that you must read.

It All Started With $25,000

Yes, Jimmy John Liautaud started this sandwich business when he was only 19. He looked around, and had originally planned to set up a hot dog stand. But he soon realized that he can not do that with only $25,000 in his hands.

So, he had to start a sandwich business as this looked like the only option left for him. But this proved to be the best decision of his life. It later made him a billionaire.

They Focus on The Speed

Unlike many other food chains that focus on other things, JJ’s focuses mainly on the speed of their deliveries. That is because they originally started as a sandwich shop for the students, and he had to accommodate all of them within their recess hours.

After ordering, you can get the sandwich within 30 seconds, and home delivery is done within 4 minutes. That is crazy fast! Speed of their deliveries is the only reason why they had to drop yellow mustard out of their menu, and only use one type of cheese.

They Create a Lot of New Jobs

Since Jimmy John’s is rapidly spreading, they are opening new branches around the United States to keep up with their rising demand.

JJ’s creates around 240 new jobs every week. That is how they contribute in the US job market.

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