Alternative to Gym

Staying healthy is an essential part of the human experience; especially if you intend on prolonging it and living it to the fullest. As important as it is to keep your body fit and functioning, its more of an easier said than done type of situation. Especially if you live in a concrete jungle and cannot stand to spend more time stuffed in a room full of sweaty people running on outdoors and lifting weights. No matter how good a gym is, there is something off-putting about the whole thing.

A  more pleasant and satisfying way for you to keep your body in top condition is to find an activity that you can do out doors which requires the use of most, if not all, of your body’s muscles. One such highly recommended activity is canoeing. requires The biggest benefit of canoeing is that it makes use of most of your body’s muscles. Canoeing requires you to constantly paddle your canoe treadmills to keep it moving, this constant motions, with the added resistance from the water is the perfect tool to make your muscles work. Click here to find out more about canoes.

A good way to go about this would be to set aside a time of the week where you can drive up to the nearest river, lake or beach which is steady enough for canoeing. Making a part of your routine will ensure you get the right amount of exercise that you need in order to stay in shape

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