Archery as a Form of Meditation

Archery as passion

The general perception that people have of archery is pretty violent. Movies that show archers launching vast quantities of arrows at armies have left a significant impression in our mind, but did you know that in the modern day archery can actually be rather meditative with all things having been considered and taken into account? The reason behind this is that when you take part in archery you have to be very focused on what you are doing, and this can sharpen your skills to the point where you have a great mental state that you can take advantage of.

The thing about archery is that in order to be good at it you would need to concentrate on the target that you are looking at. If your vision wavers for even a second, there is no chance that your arrow would land on the target that you had initially had in mind. Lessons at Bear Creek Archery often involve this meditative aspect of this sport. If you have any troubles that are weighing on you, going for a quick archery lesson can help you clear your thoughts and enable you to get a much more rational understanding of where you are and what you might be trying to do in the future.

This is something that people often don’t associate with archery but that is mostly because they don’t know that this kind of application also works in a lot of different contexts. Figuring out how you fire a bow is not just great for your physical wellbeing, it can give you a lot of peace of mind as well if you end up using it in the best way possible all in all.

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