Avoid Eating These Foods While You Are Trying to Lose Weight

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The food we eat has a direct contact with our weight. Some foods promote weight gain, while others help you loose weight in the long run.

Here is a brief list of foods that you must avoid eating while you’re trying to lose weight by dieting.

Sugar Containing Drinks

Sweet soda are some of the worst foods for your health. If you end up consuming a lit of sodas because of the addiction, you might start gaining weight very fast. The calories these drinks contain are not registered as normal solid food calories in your body, instead, you end up eating more food and taking more calories without even knowing. This is because the sodas can’t make you feel fuller.

Processed Fruit Juices

Processed fruit juices you find on most of the supermarket shelves are highly processed and sweetened to make their flavor consistent. They have a very little resemblance with the natural whole fruit juices and they do more harm to your body than good.

Processed fruit juices don’t contain any fiber and contain all the chemicals of a regular soda. Also, eating fruits makes you feel fuller a lot easily, so, you’ll be consuming less calories and taking more fiber.

Cakes, Pastries And Other Bakery Items

Bakery items like cookies, pastries and cakes are loaded with a lot of added sugars and refined flour. Also, the trans fats added in these products are also the cause of many diseases.

These type of bakery items won’t make you feel fuller, and you’ll become hungry shortly after eating the, so, not the wisest choice.

Ice Cream

We all live ice cream for its yumminess and awesome taste. But too much of anything is bad, and ice cream is no exception.

However, if you’re a big fan of ice cream, try limiting your intake or make the ice cream yourself with healthy ingredients.

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