Benefits And Drawbacks of Fly Zapper

fly zapper

Many homeowners freak out whenever they see a swarm of insects and flies around their house. So, it is only common for them to drive to a local hardware store in order to buy a fly zapper. These fly/ bug zippers and electric devices that you can install around your house. These attract flies and kill them by using small amounts of electricity. These devices can kill many flies trying to invade your property, and can thus keep your house safe from them.

These bug zapper really do work, and it’s common for homeowners to find hundreds of dead insects everyday after installing a bug zapper on their property. However, these devices have their own weaknesses as well. You can buy the best bug zappers by visiting and reading more about them. Read on to know their strengths and weaknesses.

Perks of Using Bug Zappers

One of the biggest benefits of bug zippers is that they can start working right away, and can kill hundreds of bugs within a single day. Zappers can make a huge impact on the overall number of flying pests around your house.

Bug zappers hardly need any chemicals to work, and you don’t want to invest a lot of your time in killing insects around your house as well. There are literally no side effects of using these devices, and you don’t have to face the insects you fear as well. Many people like them because they don’t need much personal involvement from your side.

Drawbacks of Fly Zappers

While bug zappers can definitely kill lots of pests, they are believed to mostly kill the one which are beneficial for your lawn. Mosquitos, which are your biggest enemy, aren’t usually attracted to these bug zappers, and cockroaches can’t fly towards them. Many other insects like spiders and wasps aren’t attracted to light, and most of them can’t fly either.

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