Best Time For Removing Stumps And Trees

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Good tree services do whatever they can to save a tree before they finally and unwillingly decide to remove it. After all, the safest thing you can do with a dead tree is removing it before it becomes a safety hazard for your property and your family members.

However, the only question left here is, what is the best time of year for tree and stumps removal? The simple answer to this question is “The winter season” and here are some reasons why.

A Dead Tree Never Grows

A dead tree sitting in your lawn will never grow. This usually causes an unequal supply of nutrients in the plants surrounding the dead tree, especially during the summer season. You should get the dead tree or stump removed during the winter season to make sure that all the surrounding plants get proper nutrition throughout the winter season.

Additionally, trees are easier to remove in winter because the ground is frozen and less flexible. So, removal in this season is good for both the soil, and for the plants and trees in the surrounding of the dead tree/ stump.

Dead Trees Pose a Serious Threat

Since dead trees stop growing, their defense mechanisms also stop and they start decaying rapidly. These trees can become a safety hazard in the winter season. Snow storms in snowy areas can be harsh. These storms keep weighing down the trees, and can make a healthy tree fall, let alone a dead and decaying tree.

So the additional weight of the snow might become unbearable for the tree, and it might fall anytime during the winter season.

So, if you have a dead or decaying tree/ stump sitting in your lawn, you should hire a tree removal expert service to get it removed, ideally in the winter season.

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