Best Time of The Year For Tree Trimming

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Just like your pets, trees also need regular trimmings in order to look at their best year-round. But what time of the year is the best for tree trimming? This is actually one of the most frequently asked questions by homeowners having trees in their lawn. However, the answer to this question varies depending on the type of your trees.

Trees have their own growth and dormancy cycles which they go through each year. You can get tree trimming services in any season, and even when a tree is in its dormancy period. However, certain tree species grow excellently when tree trimming is done in specific times of the year. You should get tree trimming Ormond Beach services according to the problem you want to address in your trees.


Winter is one of the most popular seasons for tree trimming, and that is because trees don’t grow much during the winter season. After getting tree trimming in the winter season, you can identify any problems with your tree in the early spring season. This way, the problem with your tree can be eliminated before the tree actually regrows.

However, you should trim the trees after the coldest part of the winter season passes. Trimming in the winter season will initiate growth in the early spring season.


Fall is usually not a good time of the year to trim your trees. Since trees go into dormancy in the fall season, trees actually face issues recovering from the damage caused by tree trimming. That is why you shouldn’t trim your trees in the fall season.

Spring And Summer

Spring is usually counted as a good season for tree trimming, and it can bring great results for your trees as well. Spring season also allows you to see which branches are dead, and you can get them removed. Same applies for the summer season.

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