Choosing a Winner Between Traeger And REC TEC Grills


Having a pellet grill in your house is a luxury. You can use these grills to make your parties a lot more easier and fun. But when it comes to choosing the right grills for your house, people often seem divided between Traeger and REC TEC grills.

Let’s do a quick rec tec vs traeger comparison and compare some key features of both the grill brands to help you choose the right one.

Surface Area

In terms of cooking area, REC TEC grills usually have more area. But Traeger let’s you buy from a huge array of grills with varying cooking areas. So, you can buy a Traeger grill according to your budget and requirement.

If you want more bang for your buck, REC TEC is obviously the right choice.

Build Materials

Build material of a grill is one of the most important things that you must consider before buying a grill. This let’s project the time for which you’ll be able to use the grill without encountering any major issues.

REC TEC grills are usually made of heavy duty steel, that not only makes the grill stronger, but allows for easier temperature control as well. Traeger was most of its grilled made out of powder coated steel, that is tough enough for a grill, but isn’t as good as the stainless steel used in REC TEC grills.


Mobility of a grill is connected to both its weight and the quality of the wheels used in its production. REC TEC grills are a bit difficult to move around since they are heavier, Traeger grills are more lightweight and are easier to move around. However, this feature doesn’t matter a lot.

Size of The Hopper

Hopper size is very important in a grill. REC TEC grills again take the lead by having a larger hopper that allows for carrying more pellets at once. Traeger grills usually have smaller hoppers.

After analyzing these facts, REC TEC grills seem to be a better option. However, you are free to go with your own will.

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