Cleaning The Keys of Your Electronic Keyboard Properly

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Cleaning your electric keyboard is very important if you want to see it working for a long time to come. Otherwise, the instrument can get damaged easily.

You can clean the key with either a dry cloth or a wet cloth. Most of us don’t wash our hands before touching the keyboard, and oil gets onto the keys of the keyboard. This, combined with food particles and drinks can make it harder for your midi keyboards to last for a long time.

When the midi keyboard gets dirty, you have to clean it in order to keep it working properly.

Make a Solution

Cleaning the keys of your midi keyboard is t as hard as it might seem to be. All you need is warm water and liquid soap mixed together. This solution can be used to clean your keyboard. You can also invest in furniture cleaning equipment. You can use the cleaner to clean other pieces of furniture as well.

White Keys First

You should properly clean the white keys first. You can dip a cloth in the solution we just made and then use this cloth to clean your midi keyboard. You can start from one side and slowly progress to the other.

Now The Black Keys

You can use cloth dipped in the solution for this task as well. You can clean the black keys one by one until they’re all cleaned.

After cleaning all the keys, take a dry cloth and rub the keys with it to harden it.

Don’t Make These Mistakes

If you see that the keys have lost their color, you should take your midi keyboard to a professional. Avoid using harsh chemical or coarse cloth on the keys.

This is how you can properly clean your midi keyboard.

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