Differences Between Condos And Apartments

Whether you are thinking about moving into a condo on rent basis, or thinking about purchasing your very own unit, you need to know some basic information about it. This means that you should not consider yourself well versed simply because you’ve had prior experience of living in a society or an apartment building. Condos are very different from conventional housing units and therefore, they should be selected with careful planning and consideration.

The first thing to consider is the social aspect of living in a condo. Definitely, your unit would be just yours and you won’t have a live in neighbor. However, you must understand the close proximity of the next door person and that you would be running into people all the time. Condos are known to be quite social and the sense of community is very dominant. If you do not consider yourself a social person who likes to see their neighbors each day or getting hollered at in the lobby, you might not be an ideal candidate to move into a condo. There are many great condo housing schemes such as Saint Condo in which you may find a good unit that suits your budget and need.

However, you need to consider this move very carefully especially if you are planning to purchase a unit. Condos come in different shapes and sizes and each one is different from the other. You may find stand-alone units while others may be similar in style and looks to a townhouse. You would also run into duplex units as well as triplexes are also there.

Do not get confused with all the different choices you have in front of you and take your time to decide. You may run into realtors who are just waiting to snap you a deal in a fraction.

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