Do You Tip Junk Removal Services?

junk removal services

A lot of services are priced in such a way that workers get paid for the basic tasks that they are required to provide, and if they were to exceed expectations the onus would be on the customer to give them a tip. You can consider this tip to be a way to thank them for the amazing work that they did for you, but another way to look at it is just compensation for someone that is trying to go above and beyond their call of duty, and there is a pretty good chance that these tips are the only things that allow them to pay their bills every month.

The junk removal experts at yall call i haul will likely spend a few hours making your house a lot neater than it was previously, and the truth of the situation is that they deserve a tip in exchange for that. However, you might not know what the ideal tip amount should actually be. You don’t want to tip them too little after all since this would make them feel like you don’t respect them enough to give them an actual tip. Paying too much isn’t ideal either since you wouldn’t want to spend more money than you need to.

The fact of the matter is that most junk removal workers would be overjoyed with a tip that is 20% of the total cost. That should be reserved for truly outstanding work, though. If the worker does a better than average job, they should still be tipped at least 10%. Only workers that did the bare minimum shouldn’t get a tip although giving them a little something doesn’t hurt.

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