Follow These Tips to Buy The Perfect Engagement Ring

how to measure ring size in inches

Buying an engagement ring can be a fun process, but there are lots of different factors that you’ll need to consider when you’re about to buy an engagement ring.

Here are different tips that you can follow to buy the perfect engagement ring.

Knowing The 4Cs

If you want to buy the perfect engagement ring for your loved one, you must know the 4Cs. Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight are 4 things that need to be considered about the diamond. A jeweler can help you in these 4 options.

Remember that diamond will be the highlight of your engagement ring, and you should therefore try to choose the best available option under your budget.

Choosing The Right Metal

Metal is the most abundant part of any ring, and your choice of the ring metal would allow you to alter the overall looks of the ring. White gold and platinum are two of the most luxury metals that you can choose from.

No matter what you choose, make sure it’s durable, and is liked by the person who’ll receive it.

Proper Sizing

Proper sizing of an engagement ring is also a very important thing that you should never skip. Remember that thin rings need to be a bit tighter than your ring size, and thicker rings should be a bit wider as compared to your actually ring size.

You can use a ring size chart for this purpose, or use an old properly fitting ring for this purpose. You can also ask the jeweler to measure your ring size.

Make a Budget

There should always be a budget for everything that you plan on doing in your life. This holds true for the engagement ring as well. Make a budget, and try to not cross it in the process.

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