General Concerns Regarding Email Privacy

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It may be surprising for many people out there, but it still doesn’t change the fact that the countless emails we send throughout the day are not private. Email; one of the least safe methods of communication is susceptible to interception by hackers and here’s when email privacy or encryption comes into action. However, the criteria for much expected privacy varies with circumstances and below is a glimpse at it.

Email at Work

For most of the employees, their company or employer requires them to sign an agreement which grants latter the liability to intercept their emails. This is to ensure the email service is used only for business purposes rather than for personal intentions and deprive the employee of the privacy of their mail. However, despite this policy, employees seldom expect the deprivation from such interception for a variety of reasons; the primary one being the use of the company’s equipment to make emails.

 Email For Employers

On the other side of the picture, the employer act like the party that monitors the emails that are either being sent or received by the employees. The reasons put forward for such close observation is to maintain the work discipline and to minimize the chances of workplace harassment lawsuits.

However, at the employer level, the email frequently contain sensitive information which a company doesn’t want to be leaked. To ensure such email privacy, various services are rendered and here are the reviews for them.

 Email For Government Employees

When compared with employees from the private sector, the ones serving the government faces far less email privacy and even the courts find it unreasonable if any individual has an issue with it; the reason being that under many public record acts, the public has the right to access to nearly everything a government employee records.

Email For Personal Use

Unlike work emails, personal email are protected or encrypted from outside invasion which is fairly reasonable demand. However despite the encryption service rendered by Gmail and Outlook, it is still not very difficult for hackers to gain access to the files. The main purpose of email privacy for personal use is to maintain the safety of the content at all three points of transit; local storage, at the ISP and at the receiver’s end.

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