How Much Does It Cost to Install Air Conditioning in Australia?

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Whether you are looking to replace your old air conditioner with a new one, or you have just moved to a new space and would like to get your old air conditioner installed, you will have to consider the cost of installing AC in your area.

Well, air conditioners are never cheap to install to start with. Moreover, the cost of air conditioner installation depends on the type and model of your AC, and also on your locality.

So, let’s find out how much Sydney air conditioning installation actually costs.

The Average Cost

Depending on the type of your air conditioner, the cost of installing it in your house may vary. However, you should keep in mind that the process is never cheap. That is because it includes lots of effort from professionals in ensuring a proper installation of air conditioners in your house.

Depending on the skills of your contractor and the initial estimate they provided you with, you should be looking to be anywhere between $500 and $1500 for air conditioner installation.

For complex air conditioning systems, the cost might increase even beyond the average we have just provided you with. Larger projects require more experience and expertise to do the job perfectly, hence the increased cost.

Here are some reasons why the cost of AC installation is so high.

  • The installation process always needs to be done by a professional who knows what they are doing. If your AC gets installed in an improper way, it can damage the unit, and you will have to spend a lot of money to get it fixed.
  • The amount of weight the professionals have to deal with also contributes to the final cost. Moreover, they might have to make certain arrangements to make sure the AC installation process is safe and smooth.
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