How These Three Brands Are Approaching Masculinity

Considering how gender fluidity in the modern day and age is becoming more and more common, brands, are trying their best to make sure that they are more sensitive in ways they portray men and women.

As a matter of fact, many marketing gurus are suggesting that the brands should drop the concept of gender altogether, and instead, go for marketing campaigns that target the entire spectrum of sexes. In honesty, this approach would work wonders for most of the companies out there and many can benefit from this, too.

This approach is good not just from a social standpoint, but also from the commercial standpoint. By doing so, you are just working towards expanding your target audience, and it will certainly help you become a better, stronger brand, too.

Today, we are looking at how three of the brands that are known for launching products that are specifically targeted towards the men, and see how their stance is in the modern day and age and how they are dealing with the topic of masculinity.

#1 Gillette

When it comes to a brand that represents men in more way than anyone else, Gillette is the one that happens to be on the top. The company has worked towards building a powerful as well as a masculine representation of men and promoted the whole concept of alpha males. As a matter of fact, their strategy has always focused around “The Best a Man Can Get”.

However, earliest this year, something different happened. Instead of their usual taglines, or the advancements in technology, the ad that they released focused on the “The Best Men Can Be”. This was actually an attempt to raise some concerns and call out the concept of toxic masculinity.

Needless to say, while many viewed it as a ploy to attract to gain mainstream consumerism, this did help Gillette build an image that was in their favor in more ways than one.

#2 Axe

For the longest time, Axe was known to be the brand that was hyper-sexualizing men. In their advertisements, men who used the Axe body sprays were considered to be more attractive both physically, and sexually, as well. However, the brand changed its approach almost entirely and made it something that at least we did not expect.

The new Axe advertisements or general approach towards masculinity focuses more on empowering men so they can feel attractive and feel good about who they are. The looks, skin color, sexual orientation are a thing of past now. The new campaign titled “Find Your Magic”, which now has become the manifesto, as well.

#3 Old Spice

Old Spice took the most drastic approach and completely reimagined their approach towards masculinity. Before the chance, Old Spice was commonly the brand that was for the older men, and hence, it was the perfect gift for father’s day. Or something you would buy for your father or grandfather, however, the modern approach talks about how even women can buy these products for their men. The tagline is simple, yet extremely effective “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” This approach is definitely one of the more drastic ones and could have easily backfired, but thanks to their clear vision, and the fact that this world and the society itself is becoming more and more accepting, it actually worked and it worked wonderfully, to say the least.

In conclusion, it is good to see that brands are finally trying to do something that is right and for the greater good, as well.

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