How These Three Brands Are Making a Wave in The Market

There is no denying that when we look at marketing, most of the marketing experts talk about how you will have to be unique in order to be relevant in the market. However, upon further inspection of some of the biggest companies and brands in the world, you come to the rather boring and unceremonious conclusion that there is not much uniqueness to these brands available, to begin with. Sure, they are making millions, even billions, but as far as their strategies are concerned, they are rudimentary at best.

However, at the same time, there are a lot of bands who are actually known mainly because the strategy they went for is different than what the rest of the brands are following. For starters, brands like Uber, Instagram, and Apple all had one thing in common, their strategies to tackle the market were largely different when compared to some of the other brands in the market.

However, we have talked about these brands time and again. Today, we want to talk about brands that are still maturing from their rebellious phase, but at the same time, they are making a lot of waves, too. Let’s explore how these brands are changing the marketplace and the whole scenario as a whole.

#1 Salesforce

When it all started, the main goal of Salesforce was to offer enterprise software solutions to organizations through the internet. However, when the company started, they found themselves ta the rebellious end of the market, with a mission that said “End of Software”. What Salesforce was trying to emphasize on was the fact that Software as a Service model as well as the cloud-based deployment was to factors that were going to mark the end of what we know and understand as the software.

They even went to the point of using “No Software” sign on their marketing materials, as well as vanity telephone number. However, as the company matured, it became one of the best enterprise software solutions in the market.

#2 Dollar Shave Club

When Dollar Shave Club started, it started as a rebel brand that aimed to fix what was not working in your razor category. From the first glance, you could see that the brand was built to provide two of the most common benefits; they were offering low price on their products, and they were offering a subscription to their products, which just mean that all the essentials would be delivered to you at your doorstep every month.

However, as of now, Dollar Shave Club has now turned into a company that can be compared with the likes of Gillette, but that does not mean that they have lost their original vision.

#3 Lyft

When Lyft started, it positioned itself as a brand that was focusing on the concept of car sharing, and the main goal was to reduce the number of vehicles on the road, which would result in minimizing the environmental impact since most people would be sharing rides. However, when compared to Uber, there was a very clear statement that Lyft was much different than Uber; it was also not as formal, or straightforward. Wherein, there was an element of fun involved in the process, as well.

However, the company decided to undergo some changes when they realized that their informal approach was not something everyone preferred. This was to make sure that they still stay relevant in the market, and gain mainstream attraction.

The changes Lyft made were positive, helping the brand to solidify its position in the market.

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