How to Avoid Apple Watch Battery Replacement And Keep It Safe

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Apple mentions that the average battery life if the apple watches is around 18 hours. However, in the actual scenario, the battery life is considerably lower because you have to track your activities, receive regular alerts and so on.

Like most of the mobile devices, the battery life on your apple watch also starts decreasing with time, and there comes a time when you have to charge the watch twice in a single day to keep it alive. In some cases, the battery dies all of a sudden and you have to hire services like HTTPS://BREAKFIXNOW.COM.SG/ to get it fixed or replaced. But fortunately, there here are some things that you can try to keep the battery of your Apple watch in a good health.

Use The Dark Theme

With more and more devices now supporting the darker theme, the latest apple watch also have this popular feature. The feature is however effective for the OLED screens, where the darker pixels use considerably less energy.

To decrease the battery usage on your apple watch when its laying idle, use a dark watch face and an overall dark theme inside your watch to save battery.

Adjust The Brightness

The next thing you can do to increase the battery life of your Apple watch is by adjusting its brightness. At this point, we all know that decreasing the brightness of your mobile phone can save a lot of battery. Same goes with the apple watch too, so, adjust the brightness/ lower it down to save battery throughout the day.

Limit The Notifications

As a default setting, you apple watch is allowed to send you notifications of all the connected/ installed apps. However, you can always go into the settings and disable notifications from the apps that you don’t want to get notified about all the time. By decreasing the number of notifications you receive, you’ll save a lot battery throughout the day.

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