Interpretations And Explanations For Dreams About Cats

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We dream more often than what you might think, but it is not necessary that we remember each and every dream clearly. Sometimes there are dreams that are trying to tell us something meaningful about ourselves and they could be in any form. The most common thing that people see is a cat. Cats make for great pets, but if you see one in your dream then that could mean that there is something that you should know about yourself that you cannot clearly figure out otherwise. In this article you will be able to find all the interpretations and explanations for any dreams that you might have about cats.

If you si sueñas con gatos or in other words dream about cats, then you need to remember which type of cat you saw in your dream. Was it a kitten or an adult? See if the cat was calm or was it a wild cat, these are the factors that play a huge role in interpreting your dreams.

If you see a kitten, then that represents how you see yourself as a person, and a kitten is seen as a scared and helpless creature. The dream interpretations are a bit different for both men and women.

If a woman sees a cat in her dream then that shows how she sees herself and how she feels about herself. On the other hand, when a man dreams about a cat, then that represents how he sees women and how his relationships are with women.

Besides that, if you see cats being wild or fighting in your dream, then that could mean that you have a troublesome neighbor or you are about to be in some sort of trouble.

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