Missing Tooth Solutions: Dental Implants vs. Dental Bridges

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When someone needs to get teeth replaced they are often faced with two major options; dental implants and dental bridges. Both of these options have their pros and their cons. The aim of this article is to roughly go over the two and try to give you a good idea about what is the better option, as the two are otherwise considered the best options in general.

So beginning with dental bridges, these are the options people usually go with when they have a couple of teeth missing in a row. The way they work is that the bridge rests on the teeth on either side of the missing tooth or teeth and in between there is a small “bridge” of teeth. These are easier to put in if you have multiple teeth to replace and is definitely a cheaper option than dental implants. However, the main issue is the fact that they do not stimulate your jaw as they have no root. This means that the chance of your jaw weakening and changing shape will still be there. This will also mean your bridges will need replacement after the jaw changes shape.

On the other hand, the dental implants are the newer and more permanent option. This involves shaping a fake implant and making it look exactly like the lost tooth, and even coloring it as your other teeth are colored. This has a fake root that can help keep the jaw stimulated, preventing it from losing shape and becoming weak. This also prevents the teeth from moving around in your mouth. Finally these are more permanent options for your missing teeth. However, they do tend to be an expensive option but are the perfect replacement. You can click here to learn more.

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