Mistakes You Must Avoid in Attic Insulation


Whether you are planning to insulate your attic on your own, or are looking to hire an expert for the job, there are certain mistakes which must be avoided in this process. And improper attic insulation job can cost you a lot of money in the form of repairs, and it won’t help insulate your house in a good way.

So, here are some of the most common mistakes that must be avoided in attic insulation. You should hire an attic insulation company Ajax for the best results.

Ignoring The Attic Floor

After insulating the attic, you should also air seal the attic as well in order to keep the energy costs low. If you end up ignoring the attic floor, your insulation will only be half as much effective as it would be with the floor also sealed.

You can use chalk or expanding foam to fill and airtight every hole in the attic. You should cover every small and large hole, or your attic insulation job won’t work as expected.

Your Insulation is Not Perfect

Any small holes and gaps in the insulation are enough to stop the flow of heat through the insulation layer. So, after the insulation job, if you can see some gaps and holes in the attic, you should fill them as soon as possible. Also, make sure that the insulation you place in your attic stays in direct contact with the attic floor and roof .

Using The Wrong Type of Insulation

Many people consider saving money when they are installing attic insulation. If you end up using a substandard type of insulation, it won’t help you in the ways you expect it to be. Whenever you are choosing insulation insulation for your attic, you should pay close attention to the R-value. Materials with higher R-value protect your house better against heat exchange.

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