Natural Destroyers of Trees

If there’s a tree growing in close proximity to your home, then you should really consider yourself lucky since trees are wonderful and without them no scenery is complete. Trees provide us with shelter from the sun and rain, trap dust from the air, produce oxygen and even provide food! However, if the tree near your home is a sick tree, then it can actually be just as dangerous as a healthy tree is beneficial. You can head over to to learn more about what a sick tree is like and what options you have to deal with it.

Suppose that the sick tree near your home isn’t all that bad to look at and you decide that nothing need to be done about it, what could go wrong? Well, that’s what we’re hoping to shed some light on, on this page. Here are some natural destroyers of trees that you need to watch out for, if you live near any tree that’s at the risk of falling.


This one’s fairly obvious, don’t you think? Very powerful storms can fell even the sturdiest trees, which is why you need to be extra careful if a weaker tree is in your area. It takes some time for tree services to work on a tree and an incoming storm might not give you too much of a warning. Fallen trees can crush cars, homes and even people.


One of the reasons why you should never ignore a dead tree branch is that it can get infested with termites. Termites love dry wood and if you’re seeing termite holes in the tree, then get it sprayed and looked at by an arborists as soon as you can – it’s not safe.

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