Some 3D Innovations You Didn’t Know About

The world has been some pretty mind-boggling innovation is the past couple of years and amongst them all, one of the techniques that took the world by surprise, was the idea to print 3D back in 2015. The idea of quick printing anything and perhaps, everything has been brought to life by 3D printing and it does not even stop there. From exploring the space to bringing advancement to medicine, this advanced printing phenomena has influenced every department in life and here some of its most startling innovations.

Going All The Way to The Space

As if taking over the worldly printing was not enough, 3D printing is one of those astonishing printing innovations that have accompanied astronauts to space. From printing a ratchet wrench in 2014 utilizing the files that were sent from the earth to even conceiving the concept of printing 3D building using the sand from the Mars-Regolith, these ideas and their potential executions tell a great deal about the success of printing in zero gravity.

Enabling Lives With 3D Printing

If there’s one field that has been the most influenced by 3D printing, it is the field of bioscience. The theory of printing prosthetics to help many perform basic routinely tasks has brought changes in so many lives. An example of 3D printing to facilitate bioscience is the printing of the well known ​Ekso Bionics​suits which helps the patients of spinal injury to gain the ability to walk again by a body-fitted suit that works in perfect sync with the mobile parts of the exoskeleton.

Building With 3D Printing

If a 3D printer was not able to print things that were strong enough, work has been to overcome this particular problem too. For instance, when the Dutch manufacturers were looking for some ways to print strong enough 3D furniture, the idea to design a 3D printer that used metals to make strong structures came into being which eventually resulted in printing a bridge model that would eventually be brought to a larger scale.

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