Steps to Washing a Reusable Menstrual Pad

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Using reusable menstrual pads can definitely save you some money. Many people don’t use these pads just because they think washing these pads is difficult. But in fact, doing this is really easy.

There are many ways of easily cleaning the reusable pads and preparing them to be used once again.

Here’s how you can properly clean your reusable menstrual pads.

Use a Tub

Start by soaking your dirty pads in a jar, tub or a bucket. Best way is to use a jar, as it can be covered with a lid, and won’t spill. You can buy one for a low price from any local discount store. However, if you’re using a tub or bucket made of plastic, you should make sure it doesn’t have any leaks.

You should soak the pads soon after they get dirty to avoid any stains.

Utilize Cold Water

Hot water can let the stains set in. So, when soaking dirty pads, use cold water. If it’s heavily soiled, you should rinse it in the sink before soaking it.

You can also add Apple cider vinegar or lemon juice in small quantities in the water before soaking the pads. Doing this can prevent the used water from developing a bad smell. If you have thrush infection, you should also use antimicrobial and antibacterial chemicals. Do not use strong disinfectants, as they can cause antibiotic resistant bacteria to grow.

Change The Water If…

You should only change the water if it stats to smell, or starts to appear dirty. There will be no environmental benefit of investing in reusable menstrual pads if you use too must water to clean them.

Add The Pads to Laundry

On the wash day, you should rinse the water the pads were soaked in, and wash your washable pads just like all of your other clothes.

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