The Business of Porcelain Signs

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We are all familiar with how the mechanisms of supply and demand work, so the higher the supply of a product, the lower the demand and the price and vice versa. This is how we price all products, and the more rarely produced a product is, the more expensive its price becomes, especially over time if the product becomes a vintage. We see this happening with paintings, customized items, and “exclusive” collections all the time. There is a value assigned to everything, and a lot of us might not know this, but vintage signs, advertisements, and posters have an entire market too. You can look up a value guide for vintage sign and you will be surprised by how much a vintage sign can go for.

Porcelain signs are especially ludicrous and this is because there are limited vintage porcelain signs available. Porcelain signs were very popular in the 1900s and most companies and businesses would opt for them, however, with time, porcelain signs started becoming outdated and ultimately replaced with other alternatives. There are now limited vintage porcelain signs available, and while they might be considered a niche interest, there is a large community of collectors available. You will find people using them as decorations, as additions to their collections or just reselling them further at a higher price and so on.

The price of a porcelain sign depends on several factors which can include how old the sign is, how well it is preserved, the type of sign, and then bonus points if the sign is a unique design or belonging to a renowned company. There is quite the market for porcelain signs, so given the limited supply of vintage porcelain signs, their prices can get up there, so the business of porcelain signs is not only ludicrous, but it is also thriving.

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