The Simplest Way to Unlock an iPhone

Upon buying, an iPhone may be locked to another carrier or to the consumer’s carrier. To unlock it, means to make an iPhone compatible to use with other carriers as well. However, this unlocking process is different to the process required to unlock an iPhone in case of forgotten password. Furthermore, it is not possible for Apple to unlock an iPhone to be used with another carrier and this unlocking can only be offered by the carrier itself.

Following are the steps about how to unlock iPhone and are provided officially by Apple Support. The first and perhaps the only step to unlock iPhone is to contact the carrier. For this, it is important to check whether the carrier offers unlocking since only they can unlock the device. If they do, contact the carrier and ask them for the unlock. Following this step, a consumer may be required to meet certain standards for unlocking. Once the request is submitted, it may take a few days for the request to complete. However, a consumer can always check their status by contacting their carrier.

The procedure may vary from further on. For example, if the user has to use a SIM card that does not belong to their existing carrier, then all they need to do is to remove the previous SIM card, insert the new one, set up the iPhone again to unlock the iPhone.

In case the user does not have any other SIM card to be put to use, then all they need to do is to make a backup, erase the iPhone post backup and then restore the data from the backup made in the first step.

Under circumstances when the iTunes give a message regarding the SIM card not being supported and only suitable a SIM card from the compatible carrier will be required to unlock the iPhone, the user is supposed to either insert the SIM card that featured with the device or visit the respective carrier. What a user can also do is to restore the device to the factory reset setting, be ensured by the carrier that the device has been unlocked and then restore the device from the past backup.

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