Things to Know About Kaby Lake CPU

Kaby Lake (Kay-Bee Lake) is a 7th generation CPU produced and recently launched by Intel. The company promises a boost in various departments and an increased power efficiency with the launch of this CPU. Lets take a look at some fun facts about this CPU (for more information, read this article by iTechPost for more info).

Improved Video Processing

On the x86 computer side, the Kaby Lake gets most of its improvements from just the processes, which isn’t enough. But when it comes to the video processing department, Kaby Lake gets physical hardware upgrades to support a better video quality. For example, the CPU has the ability to run 4K videos smoothly and with a 2.6 times better battery life. The power consumption on Kaby Lake has gone down to just 0.5 watts from 10.2 watts on the previous version (Skylake). So watching YouTube videos in Google Chrome on your laptop should save you 2x more battery.

A Bit Faster For Games Too

The new 7th gen Kaby Lake is stronger in the video games department too. In demonstration, the representative used a Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook to run the game Overwatch at 1280×720 resolution and 30 frames per second with a Kaby Lake CPU, it is very good especially for small laptops like Del XPS Ultrabook.

Although the GeForce GTX 1080 runs the Overwatch at a much better speed, it needs to be supported by all the upgraded hardware to be able to runs Overwatch at this speed.

What is Next By Intel?

With Kaby Lake now rocking all of the Intel’s supported computers, the company is now planning to develop and distribute the new 8th gen Cannonlake CPU. The 14nm process which has been around since the 5th gen CPUs is now being upgraded to a 10nm process. A couple of big upgrades are also on the way.

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