Three Things All Watch Bands Should Be

Smartwatches are a revolutionary thing that took us a fair bit of time to completely accept. In the start, many people were reluctant to accept them because they defeated the class and appeal of a good analogue watch. You have to admit, a high-end automatic wristwatch is really a thing of beauty and has to be appreciated as such. However, once Smartwatches started coming with features that allowed you to check your mails, control your music and monitor your health, we accepted them pretty fast.

Even though smartwatches are quickly becoming a gadget accessory that nearly every other person has on their wrists, we still have to make sure that our wrist watches match what we’re wearing. If Smartwatches are to really replace their good old analogue counterparts, they’re going to have to look the part.

Many Smartwatch manufacturers have started designing their watches to resemble high-end analogue watches but that may not be enough. If you have an Apple watch, you’ll have to depend on the bands that you can attach to it to make it look like a part of your attire. Here are three things you should look for in your apple watch series 4 bands.


The main reason you want your watch to have an aftermarket band is that you want it to fit your aesthetic better. See if you like leather, steel chains or silicone bands more and pick accordingly.


Remember, it’s going to be on your wrist all day so it should be comfortable. You kind of have to strike a balance between style and comfort.


If you don’t want your precious Apple series 4 watch to just fall off of your wrist and break, you’ll want to make sure that the band you pick for it is a durable one.

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