Tips For Quitting Vaping

As this is becoming more and more common among young teens, parents should know the dangers associated with Vaping and the long term affects. If you are having a child that is Vaping and you wish them to stop and assist them in quitting, here are some tips that could help.

Talk to them in a friendly way and try to explain the negative side of Vaping and e juice which is not shown in the mainstream media and marketing campaigns.

Have a friendly non-aggressive conversation. Your kid should not feel cornered or offended. Try to back your case with real life examples and information that would be more easier and receptive for them.

Try asking them about their own desire to quit. Why are they trying to quit? What is their own motivation. Try them to figure it out and empower them to bring our their own self-belief and use the will power to overcome this addiction.

Help them to establish a timeline for quitting. If they have a serious addiction, it may not be possible to quit immediately and promptly. Instead, they should quit slowly by first lowering down the consumption and frequency slowly easing them into quitting. If needed, help them jot down a plan detailing which day or month they wish to stop. Tell them to announce it among family and friends as well so that they could receive the necessary encouragement and support from everyone.

Getting a break from friends or places that could entice Vaping. Hanging out with others that are still having the habit would not help you if you are trying to quit.

Do not visit places where you use to buy Vaping supplies. For all the stuff already bought, put them away immediately and make sure they are nowhere near to you.

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