Use Local Cash When in Europe


There are a number of misconceptions regarding the exchange of money and those who aren’t frequent travelers tend to believe these things and somehow end up spending more than what they should have and that too after going through a lot of hassle, there are a couple of really important tips by the experts regarding the use of local currency by travelers, the experts advise against using your currency and urge us to spend in local currency, for instance if you are a traveler going from the US to say Italy, you might be tempted by a sign hanging out of a store stating that we accept dollar bills, that might seem quite convenient and you would think that you don’t have to go through all the fuss of exchanging currencies, most of the times these shops are charging a premium and we pay that.

Using less credit cards is another way of staying on budget, when our credit card works in a tourist destination we tend to behave like a kid in a candy store, our credit cards are overused and we regret that afterwards, so it is a tip by the experts to use local cash only in order to avoid excessive payments and staying under budget will be helped by the avoid of credit card use.

My recent adventure took me to Italy and Italian currency like any other European country is the Euro, what I did was exchange my local currency with euro just enough for emergency use, don’t buy excessive euros from your home country before even reaching Europe, that is another mistake which people make and end up paying the transaction costs which could have been avoided by the use of ATM services like Bancomat through your account debit card.

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