Where is The World’s Oldest Zoo?

how have zoos changed over time

While royal menageries and private animal collections have been around for quite some time, public zoos are not as old as you might think. They are definitely a product of the modern era, an age where people started to become more equal and things didn’t have to be as exclusive as they had been for several thousands of years. That said, the oldest zoo that is currently operation is in Austria, and it was originally commissioned by the Holy Roman Empire as a menagerie. However, in 1765 it was opened to the general public and you might be surprised to hear that it is still operational and you can go there and see it!

While it is not exactly the first zoo to ever have existed, it is definitely one of the first to open up to the public. Add the fact that it is still operational after so many years and it truly is quite amazing that such a feat was even possible. This makes this zoo not just a great place to learn about animals and the like but also a true relic of history, one that would show you that people who were alive 250 years ago might not have been all that different from you.

If you want to learn more zoo history then you should definitely go for it. Zoos are an interesting part of our society and learning about them can help you learn about the way society is structured. Zoos aren’t just places where you can see animals, they are a marker of our history and you can see why this is the case once you delve into their origins as well as their evolution over time.

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