Your Complete Guide to Dab Torches


If you are familiar with cannabis and smoking pot, then you are probably aware that there is more than one way to consume it. Different methods give different results, and one of the most popular methods is called dabbing. Dabbing effects the delivery of the contents and enhances your experience. Dabbing is basically combustion of the herb and for that you need a torch. You would be surprised by how the right torch can change the whole experience for you. This happens because of the temperature, the right torch will have the ideal temperature. If you are interested in learning about dab torches, then make sure that you read this complete guide to dab torches.

Nothing is more annoying than a dab torch dying on you after you use two or three times. This is something that is very common in cheap dab torches. This usually happens because the right material is not being used in the dab torches.

It is better to avoid a dab torch that is made of plastic or has plastic material around the trigger of the torch. After a certain time the plastic will not be able to hold itself and eventually break. This is why it is best that you go for something metallic. But you have to be careful when choosing metal as well as it is usually covered and other cheap quality materials are used. This happens a lot in shiny metal dab torches, so avoid them. Instead of that, you should choose a material that is not shiny, preferably aluminum.

The ideal size for a dab torch these days is around 7 inches, it could be less than that but not more for the sake of portability.

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